Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Did you know...

that retail-therapy has a lot to do with your hormones???!!!

In other words, you can pretty much blame your hormones for your spending habbits without feeling guilty about it. I just read this article published in the GHK magazine this morning! I sure will show this article to my husband this evening. You see - I'm pregnant; and pregnant women have this crazy uncontrollable hormones (or is it just me...?) So, in theory all the spending I made the past 24 weeks and 3 days are just because of my hormones!!! See, you can't blame me! I'm not a bad girl! :D

And all the crazy spending prior to my pregnancy...that's because of my hormones too! I'll provide the detailed explanation later...MAYBE!

Here's the question of the week:

Who else turn to retail-therapy when they are down, depress, or just right before you get your period? Let me know your story! And what did/do you spend on?

The Frog And Sheep

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