Friday, December 18, 2009


This week seemed to fly by so quickly! Soon my husband will turn 35 - wow! Well, he still looks really handsome for his age, though. :D

Oh - here is the scarf I made him - isn't it gorgeous? It looks prettier in
real - I'm just not a good photographer...yet! It's 6'5" long - probably the longest scarf I've ever made. It took me about a week+ to finish it!
Soooooo - what are you all doing this weekend? Staying at home and enjoy the crappy weather? Or going out and have a good time? Share your weekend plan with us!
We are going to celebrate my husband 35th birthday - yay! It should be fun! We'll also have a 3D-4D u/s done, my husband really want to see our bean again, so this is a part of his birthday present, as well. Also, our friends are coming to town, so we'll try to get together with them for breakfast or something! Can't wait! It's always good to see familiar faces!
Anyhow - I wish you all a great weekend!
The Frog and Sheep

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