Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby shower gift

I received a package 2 two days ago. I nice big rectangle box! It got me so excited, so I tore it open right away. I just love mail that come in big box, don't you ;) So, when I saw what's inside, I got even more excited!!!

In there lie the cutest baby bunnny hat, hand crocheted! In white as main color, with blue ears, and an orange carrot! How cute is that! And there was more! Under the hat lie a baby cocoon with matching color and carrots. My heart just melt! It's so adorable!

Well just look at the pictures! Aren't they the cutest!

Now I bet you all are curious where I got these from or who gave them to me, am I right?

Well, I signed up with etsybabyshower blog a few weeks ago, and they assign me to a mom, who then is in charge to surprise me with a baby gift. Since I'm not going to have a baby shower, I thought this is great.

I never thought, though, that I'd be so lucky and got assigned to Sandy from

Yep - She's the one who sent me these adorable hat and cocoon! Want something thise awesome? Go visit her website! You won't be disappointed!

The Frog and Sheep


  1. awww..thanks so much for the beautiful write up...never expected anything like are a super sweet lady and I hope your delivery will be wonderful.

  2. I have moved all my patterns over to

    but this google account is under the old shop name...sorry..dont' know how to fix it.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is too cute! :) I love the little carrots!

  4. I have bought a few of her patterns, Her work is just adorable