Friday, January 8, 2010

March is Knit-a-square-athon month

I’m making March 2010 a knit-a-square-athon month. Who wanna join me?

Here’s why I wanna do this:

There are 1.4 million AIDS and abandoned orphans in the sub-Saharan area who are cold, lonely, and hungry – not just for food but also for love and warmth. By donating 8” squares is to show that someone out there cares for them, and that they are not completely forgotten.

Does that inspire you to wanna help me to help these orphans? No? Not yet?

Well then imagine this:

Imagine a shaking child with a pair of sorrow eyes stared out to the world and wonders why he is here? Why he is alone? Why did his parents left him? What did he do that they have to leave him? What will become of him? Should he have a dream? Or is his entire future lost? He wonders if tomorrow he’ll have enough food – or any food – to eat so he can get through the day. He wonders if he’ll be lucky enough to receive a blanket to wrap around him and make the cold and loneliness go away – even for just a night. Or will he just have to wait a while longer until the have enough blankets for every child there.

Now can you please help and join me for a knit-a-square-athon month? The kids need you!

You can help either by knit or crochet an 8” square and mail them to me or directly to the charity, if you don’t mind the postage. And/or you can pledge to donate money for every square you collected or made. If you choose this option, I advise to set a cut-off amount as it could get too expensive. Lastly, you can pledge to donate $1 for every square I made or collect, and the cut-off is $20 for every person. I’ll keep you updated on my regularly on how many square I’ve made and you can donate your pledged directly to knit-a-square charity, just mentioned that “The Frog and Sheep knit-athon team and your name” when you make your donation. And don’t forget to leave comment on my blog so we now how much we have collected. If you are interested and want to contribute, please leave comment on my blog or email me at

Note: I’m not a representative or have any function or relationship with the knit-a-square charity. I just really felt for these orphans and want to help them, even more so as a mom-to-be. They are just the charity of my choice.

I’m counting on you all!


The Frog and Sheep


  1. What a great idea...sorry to say that I know nothing about knitting...but I hope people help you out....
    Take care,

  2. Thanks Tracy! It's so hard these days to get people involved and get back to the community