Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what a nerve wracking thing...

OK - tomorrow is the day - Big Launching Day - for me!!! And I'm totally nervous!!!

I start to doubt that I'll have a chance there at etsy...I mean, who am I kidding! There are tons of knitted babyware sellers at etsy! There is NO WAY I'll succeed!!! Or...do I? I mean I use all high quality yarn, and my stitches are great, since I've been knitting on and off since I was 10 - so about 20 years now.

Deep breath!!! Don't panic!!! And just do it!!! Someone told me to leave a negative karma before enter the etsy world...so I'll try to do just that...! :{

So, I'm calling out for all of you to help support me :) You don't have to buy my stuff to support me...just leave me an encouragement notes or a smack in my head note or whatever...so I can keep on going with this...!

The Frog and Sheep

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